SATERN: Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
Auxiliary Communications for The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
SATERN Net Status: Int. SSB Net: DELTA I –– Int. Digtal Net: DELTA I


SATERN is an all volunteer organization of currently licensed Amateur Radio Operators. Many operators are specially appointed ARRL Technical Specialists, SKYWARN, and/or Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) members. In addition, some volunteers have voluntarily completed one or more of the FEMA Incident Command System training modules or ARRL Emergency Training, or Salvation Army EDS Incident Command training modules and are prepared to deploy into any affected area. Others work in-place to extend the communication network of SATERN to international proportions.


Our Mission

SATERN is in service to aid The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) ministry and provide communications and other technical assistance to EDS to enhance the response and effectiveness of what EDS does.

SATERN may assist in handling Health and Welfare requests in times of emergency where normal communication media fails.

SATERN will also partner with cooperating emergency responders and / or disaster relief agencies, where needed, to provide communications media where infrastructure service has been interrupted or where the infrastructure has been destroyed.

Our Vision

The future SATERN will bring together communications and technical expertise to aid EDS in order to further enhance the disaster response, increase effectiveness and timeliness of the aid provided, and to better support EDS in the effort to "Do The Most Good" as we serve those in need.

The Salvation Army Connection

The Salvation Army, our sponsors, and whom we directly support has a very clear mission which can be found HERE

The Salvation Army vision can be found in detail HERE